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What is the Open Voice Network and why are we friends?

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The Open Voice Network

What is the Open Voice Network (OVN)?

Well, they seek to make voice technology worthy of user trust—a task of critical importance as voice emerges as a primary, multi-device portal to the digital and IOT worlds, and as independent, specialist voice assistants take their place next to general-purpose platforms.

The Open Voice Network is an independently funded and governed non-profit industry association which operates as an open-source association of the Linux Foundation.

What is their Mission?

The Open Voice Network will achieve its vision through the communal development and adoption of industry standards and usage guidelines, industry education and advocacy initiatives, and the development and documentation of voice-centric value propositions.

They have four key values

They seek a world of voice technology that meets the following conditions:

  1. is worthy of user trust;
  2. enables user, ecosystem, and architectural choice;
  3. is inclusive and accessible;
  4. is open in software and hardware, with standards serving as a foundation for commercial differentiation.

As a small but growing company in the field of Voice actively engaged in voice development, design, strategy, and testing we endorse their objectives and the work of the Open Voice Network,

We decide to sign up to be friends of the network and will be actively offering to participate in their work wherever possible.

You can find our logo list here in the friend of the Open Voice Network Listings.

We look forward to working with them and the other friends.

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