Smart Octopus Voice Agency Ltd, Company Number (09573982)

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Signing these terms and conditions will form a contract between us on your acceptance of your quote and any product service set out in the quote and complying with all of our terms and conditions contained within.


  1. Definitions

1.1 The following meanings will be used for terms in these terms and conditions:

Company or Us: means Smart Octopus Voice Agency  Ltd

Client means you

Parties: means Smart Octopus Voice Agency  Ltd (the Company) and the Client


Project: means the body of work that is being undertaken, normally consisting of several connected parts, such as consultation, graphic design, chatbot, voice app or website development, report, products, printed material and or hosting


  1. Client Obligations

2.1 Advise us in advance of any confidential information to be presented by email, written or verbally. This should be marked as ‘confidential’ in the subject of the email, or clearly on any written documents.

2.2 Make every effort to adhere to all agreed deadlines.

2.3 Review the Company’s work, provide feedback, and sign off approval in a timely manner.

2.4 Provide the Company, within a reasonable timescale, everything that is requested in order for us to complete the Project including text, images and other information.

2.5 Provide the Company with text(s), image(s), example conversations in the format as stated below (see photographs and images and example conversation).

2.6 Pay the Company all monies owed within 7 working days

2.7 Any images or photographs that you supply should be in digital format, usually no smaller than 1920×1000 pixels, with a suitable resolution that will allow them to be resized and used on screen. Alternative scanned paper pdfs may be additional costs incurred due to time spent extracting the images and text. This depends entirely on the Project and the number of images involved.

2.8 The Client guarantees that any elements of text, graphics, photos, example conversations, data feeds (e.g. RSS), designs, trademarks or other artwork furnished to the Company for inclusion in their website, or other design, are owned by the Client, or that the Client has permission for the rightful owner to use each of these elements, and will hold harmless, protect, indemnify and defend the Company and its subcontractors from any liability (including solicitors fees and court costs), including any claim or suit, threatened or actual, arising from the use of such elements furnished by the Client.

2.9 Evidence of ownership or permissions may be requested by the Company.

  1. Company Obligations

3.1 Make every effort to adhere to any deadlines agreed between the Company and the Client

3.2 Carry out services in a professional and timely manner.

3.3 Make a reasonable number of revisions to the conversational flows, card images, smart speaker canvas images, design, layout, colours etc, until you are satisfied with the design concept, or such time as both parties feel an agreement likely to be reached, but no more than 2 revisions. Separate charges will apply for any additional revisions or design work outside the scope of the Project.

3.4 Endeavour to complete requested chatbot, voice app and website revisions or updates within 48 hours, wherever possible.

3.5 Maintain up-to-date skills and knowledge through regular training and research.

3.6 Contact you before the end of any free chatbot platform, voice app trial or website monthly maintenance originally offered with your package purchased and provide you with a quote for paid monthly maintenance and hosting.

3.7 The Company agree to maintain the Client’s chatbot, voice app or website, this includes but is not restricted to, back up to the website, updating plugins, removing spam, updating the theme, optimise the database, updating conversational flows and AI models if the monthly maintenance package has been purchased and certain aspects including the conversational model, chatbot installation platform and conditions, website plugin, theme and WordPress do not become incompatible.

3.8 Incorrect use of chatbots within a social media account resulting in warning and account blocking or shutdown are not shut down.