Katerina Thomas Podcast to Flash Briefing Skill Case Study

Converting a Podcast to an Alexa Skill

Katerina wanted to increase the availability of her Mental Wealth for Entrepreneurs podcast so we converted it to an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing so it's available on a weekly basis to UK and US Alexa smart speaker owners.


Increase accessibility and availability of the weekly Mental Health for Entrepreneurs Podcast 


Converting the podcast to an Alexa Flash briefing available on the UK and US Alexa Skills market place allows Katerina Thomas to reach a new group of listeners without changing her working practices.

We wrapped the skill with a shorter activation name "Resilient Entrepreneur" and created all the artwork, descriptions and narratives with Katerina's input and handled all the technical side of the skill development. We are now actively marketing her skill and applying Alexa Search Optimisation Techniques to increase its discovery and activation, so it becomes an automatic weekly update to the Alexa enquiry "Alexa, what's my briefing"


We’ are monitoring at the moment and will report back shortly but typically we see 300+% increase in listeners and 160% more subscribers, plus the increase in website and social media engagement and traffic.

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