Here are some of the common questions that we get asked at Smart Octopus Voice Agency about Voice Marketing, Messenger Marketing and Voice Search.

Who is Smart Octopus Voice Agency?

We are a Full-Service Voice SEO, Voice Skills and Chatbot Agency. We offer top-tier professional Voice Strategy development, including Voice SEO services (Rank Zero), Voice Skills (Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby) together with Messenger Marketing Chatbots for Social Media and Websites.

What is a Voice Marketing Agency?

A Voice Marketing Agency specialises in using Artificial intelligence-powered Voice platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby to provide Brand, services and product marketing campaigns via Smart Speakers and other voice-powered devices.

What is Voice Marketing?

Voice marketing is a way for businesses, brands, and influencers to reach their target audiences through voice-enabled devices powered by Artificial intelligence-powered assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby during the customer journey.

How to do Voice Marketing?

Voice Marketing requires a business or brand to understand their customer’s touchpoints at each stage of the buying journey and design conversations that answer their research, presales, sales and support questions in a personalised way.

What is Voice Search Marketing?

Voice Search Marketing is optimising your website content for voice Search so it stands out using Schema and Rich Snippets and becomes a candidate for the rank zero, the single search result spoken back to a user of a Smart Speaker when they ask Local Business Voice Search queries.

What is Brand Voice Marketing?

Brand Voice Marketing is creating brand-enhancing customer experiences with the voice user experience, through sonic branding and knowing your customer’s lifetime buying journey.

How to do Voice Marketing with Alexa?

Amazon Alexa allows the creation of Voice Skills (Flash Briefings) that can be used to promote brands, products or services through daily, weekly or monthly updates. Skills can also be automatically activated/enabled to allow full conversational experiences based on a brand keyword.

How to do Voice Marketing with Google Assistant

Google Assistant Voice Search allows brands, products or services to be found through carefully designed voice search optimisation techniques on a website using schema and rich snippets.

Why is Voice Marketing Important?

Voice Marketing matters for your business because consumers are shifting from text and typing interfaces to spoken voice-first ones, where natural human language is the dominant modality.
Speaking is convenient and universal. It’s accessible for all ages and skill levels.

What is Voice Advertising?

Voice Advertising is providing adverts for your products and services over the medium of voice-powered Smart Speakers, coupled with brand values and sonic branding enabling your messages to be personal and remembered by your target audience.

Should your brand have a Voice Search Strategy?

Yes, 50% of all searches are now via voice, so businesses that don’t switch their SEO to include this new methodology are losing 50% of their potential organic traffic.

Is Voice Marketing just a trend?

Voice Marketing is much more than just a trend. with 320 Million smart speakers (expected to double by 2022) and 50% of search traffic and with numbers rising its here to stay,

What is Voice Shopping?

A growing number of smart speaker voice platforms are enabling the user to purchase products and services with a voice confirmation. This enables the final step in Voice Marketing and is expected to grow in popularity over the next few years.

What is Conversational Commerce?

Initially coined by Uber’s Chris Messina in 2015, the term refers to interacting with businesses through voice skills like Alexa, Google Assistant, and messaging and chat apps like Facebook Messenger.

Should a business have a Voice Strategy?

Yes, the Voice Marketing sector is growing rapidly. Businesses that don’t support the voice channel will miss out on a $20 billion (US) and $5 billion (UK) marketplace by 2024.

What is Instagram Direct Messaging Automation?

Instagram has provided APIs that allow third-party providers like ManyChat and Chatfuel to allow automated conversations between customers and businesses allowing personalised support, presales and sales to take place.

What is Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger can be connected to AI-powered automation platforms such as ManyChat, Chatfuel and Chatmatic allowing conversations to be held with customers around your products and services.

Does Smart Octopus Voice Agency provide Voice Strategy Workshops?

Yes, we can provide tailored Voice Strategy workshops on-site or remotely with your marketing and sales teams to voice-enable your business.

Does Smart Octopus Voice Agency provide Instagram Automation Chatbots?

Yes, We can provide Instagram accounts with Direct Messaging Automation Chatbots that are triggered from Posts, Stories and Mentions.

Can Google Business Profile Messages be automated with a chatbot?

Yes, we provide a chatbot that can be attached to a Google Business Profile Message “Chat” to instantly communicate with your potential customer and provide them with answers to their enquiries and at the same time capture the lead information.

What are Google Business Messages?

Google has added Business Messaging to Google Business Profiles so potential customers can ask a business questions from within Google Maps and Google Search results. They can be automated with a Chatbot.

How do I optimise my Google Business Profile?

We can provide a free report that details all the ways to optimise your Google Business Profile.