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What is the Open Voice Network and why are we friends?

What is the Open Voice Network (OVN)? Well, they seek to make voice technology worthy of…
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10 Ways The Voice-Enabled Enterprise Can Transform Your Business

Employees now demand less bureaucracy and more intuition. The company intranet used to be the place…
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Why do B2B Businesses Need a Chatbot?

B2B Chatbots Do B2b Businesses Need a Chat bot? B2B chatbots help businesses save time and…
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Talking Trades Interview

How Trades can Dominate their Local Area with Voice Marketing

Last week I did an interview with Lead Hero for an episode of Talking Trades. We…
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Conversational UX Design

The Conversational User Experience: What It Is, Why It Matters, and What It Means for Business

Conversational UX design is a perfect mix of linguistics, information architecture, content, and user-centred design. With…
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Why Customers Prefer Chatbots: 7 Reasons Chatbots Will Replace Your Website

People are busy and are literally buying products and services 24/7, they are also using products…
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