We Give Your Business a Voice

Conversational UX design is a perfect mix of linguistics, information architecture, content, and user-centred design. With a conversational AI solution such as a chatbot, the end-user should have a great experience, and achieve his or her desired outcome and the business should meet its aims. However, if the user is unable to complete their goal, […]

People are busy and are literally buying products and services 24/7, they are also using products 24/7, so they expect answers to queries 24/7. Very few companies can offer this level of customer service over the phone, let alone on social media. The public now expects and has become used to engaging in a conversation […]

Many companies have been forced to go online due to the COVID lockdown, many for the first time. Once they have created a website the marketing world tells them to start posting and talking about their products and services on social media. Unfortunately, this brings pre-sales, sales, and support queries to their social media presence […]

Social Media Marketers will tell you to develop your Facebook (Meta) pages based on your target audience and start running adverts to build brand awareness and hopefully drive some traffic to your website. This strategy is wrong! Yes, you can target finally target your audience with their demographics, likes, and dislikes, but you cannot determine […]

Although Voice Search has become more mainstream over the last few years as the number of Smart Speakers and voice search enabled phones have become commonplace. Powered by Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana or Samsung Bixby With 50% of searches being Voice based in 2020

We are excited to announce that we have relaunched our Voice Enabled Business podcast ! Here is the premier issue of the The Voice Enabled Business podcast – The Business Voice Awakens!  Episodes will appear here