Alexa Skill Development Service


Amazon Alexa-powered smart speakers are the most popular of the Voice Assistants and are used daily by 32% of smart speaker fans. Most households (36%) have at least two devices (Common room and Bedroom) and with Alexa devices ranging from the highly popular Echo and Dot to the screen-enabled Spot and Show, not to mention Alexa in the car, TV, mobile phone, earbuds and laptop. Businesses wanting to engage with customers throughout their custom journey allowing Brand awareness, through to engagement typically start with an Alexa Skill as the marketplace in the US is only 90,000 skills and 50,000 in the UK so competition is low and engagement high.

Amazon Alexa Skill Development

When Amazon first announced the Amazon Echo, the global market was struck by wonder and even if the voice assistant proved to be less reliable than expected, it became an industry status symbol. Amazon has slowly rolled out a set of Alexa skills templates and functionality since it came to the market to help businesses create skills from Enterprise skills for business to consumer-focused skills.Amazon has also enhanced its range of supported devices so that Alexa skills can now be accessed from numerous devices, with and without displays, however, most businesses do not have the inhouse technical skills to develop their own, which is where Smart Octopus Voice Agency can help.

There are different skills you can create and release for your Brand that can build awareness or provide a full customer experience:

  • Business Skills
  • Consumer Skills
  • Advanced Skills (For Enterprises)

In addition over last two years, different methods of monetisation have been evolved based on observed interactions of the growing library of skills on the Amazon Alexa Skills marketplace, enabling businesses to provide extra information for services behind various paywalls within these skills.


The New Voice TouchPoint

Amazon Alexa powered Smart Speakers are the most popular smart speakers in people's homes. Most are used daily and their uses are growing to such an extent that people are saying that they cannot now return to a life without them.

With only ~50,000 Alexa Skills available in the UK Alexa marketplace for people to enable on their smart speaker, or via their Alexa device, the marketplace is still a blue ocean.

This offers an unprecedented channel for Brands and Businesses to start having personal conversations with their customers in their homes, cars and smartphones, 24/7 increasing brand awareness, and trust directly at their time of need or buying research.

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