Message Marketing

Message Marketing is Direct Selling in the Digital Age

As we all know, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way Brands market to their customers.

Message Marketing is the practice of using mobile chat apps to automate and facilitate business communication and connections with prospects and customers. It leverages mobile direct messaging platforms such as Meta, Instagram, Google Business Profiles, WhatsApp, and Telegram to reach the target market and allows automated marketing sequences to be used depending on the responses to conversations.

Send business-oriented messages to your customers.

Message marketing with chat apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, or WeChat can be an effective way to reach new customers and keep in touch with existing ones.


Get More People to Open Your Messages

With Message Marketing, you can start conversations with your audience and provide them with timely updates as they matter. Conversational AI-Powered Chat Marketing gives you direct access to your audience, providing a seamless user experience and increasing open rates. 

HubSpot tested this method of content delivery for about a month and found that messenger broadcasts resulted in an 80% open rate and 13% click rate. This is a 242% higher open rate and 619% higher click rate than their control method of content delivery (email)! Similar rates have also been experienced on Instagram Direct Messaging since the platform allowed all businesses to use chatbots in August 2021. 


Message Marketing for Small Businesses

Message Marketing is a new way to connect with your audience and build lists. One of the first thing that shocks people about chatbots is how many different ways you can collect subscribers. When you think about email, you basically have one option: an opt-in form.

With Chatbots, you can collect subscribers in a dozen different ways including clicking a link, clicking a button, commenting on a social media post or scanning a code. When you consider the ease of gaining subscribers with the high value each subscriber holds, it is astounding. 

Plus most clients have increased customer satisfaction due to the faster answers to most common questions, instantly and 24/7 moving them quicker through the sales journey.


Reduce the Cost of Sales

Message Marketing helps you to build a solid foundation of leads by automating your sales and marketing.

Automation is key: Studies estimate businesses currently save about 4 minutes/inquiry, if you pay £15/hr then that’s about £1/question. If you get 100 inquiries/day for a year that’s £36,500/year in savings for your business

You can do this by sending out automated messages to the audience / leads that fit your buyer persona, and let the bot do the rest!

UK study by Juniper research estimates chatbots will help businesses to save 8 billion/year by the end of 2022.

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Message Marketing. It's Not Rocket Science It allows marketers to engage and retain customers through a faster, more effective and personal customer experience. Lets get you started with your Message Marketing Campaign today, book your free call today using the form below: